Prevention and Intervention for Washington County Students

Youth Contact was the first agency in Oregon to collaborate with schools to provide alcohol and drug prevention services. Our school-based programs now include a complete range of behavioral health programming including assisting students and families with behavioral and/or emotional problems as well as alcohol and drug prevention, use and abuse. We have long recognized the importance of connecting with students and families as soon as problems arise to ensure that academic performance is not affected by behavioral health concerns. Our counselors are able to provide immediate feedback to families and offer schools expert perspective to enable them in decision-making.

In 1984 Youth Contact began implementing the Student Assistance Program in an effort to prevent drug, alcohol and tobacco use among children and adolescents in Washington County. Using a holistic philosophy that addresses risks and assets, SAP seeks to decrease substance abuse risk by increasing school attachment and commitment.

This year-round program offers a continuum of services that includes prevention, intervention, outreach, and referral. Whenever possible we involve families in services with the idea that their involvement will provide adolescents with strong support units that include the provision of structure, appropriate limit setting, and the nurturing environment crucial to preventing substance use and abuse.

Participating School Districts

Beaverton (Aloha High School), Forest Grove (Forest Grove High School & Neil Armstrong Middle School), Hillsboro (Century, Glencoe, Hillsboro, and Liberty High Schools along with South Meadows & Brown Middle Schools).